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Atlanta,  Georgia, United States (Woodstock, GA)
iblastinside's Profile
  White :: 43 :: 6' 3'' (191 cm) :: 210-219 Lbs (95-99 Kgs) :: Average :: Light Brown/Short :: Ask Me

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iBLASTinside means I Blast My Load Inside

Eight things about me. (1.) I don't pull out. (2.) Yes, that's my cum. (3.) I do usually shoot a big load. (4.) Please, no smokers ever -- even "social" or "quitting" ones. (5.) I travel a lot but based in the Atlanta area. (6.) I say incredibly nasty shit just before I'm about to cum but I can be somewhat quiet up to that point. (7.) I've bred thousands of men and done whatever it takes to get my DNA in their holes. (8.) Why haven't you said "please fuck me" yet?
I'm Into:
 Take Loads Anal:  Ask Me 
 Give Loads Anal:  Yes
Your Status: No Preference
 Take Loads Oral:  Ask Me 
 Give Loads Oral:  Yes
 When:  Now, Anyplace
Where:  Ask Me
My Status:  Do Not Care
 PnP: Hell No
Smoking: No
Body Hair: Some Hair
Cock, Position: Large/Cut :: Top
White :: 43 :: 6' 3'' (191 cm) :: 210-219 Lbs (95-99 Kgs) :: Average :: Light Brown/Short :: Ask Me
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